Dental Implants

A smile is worth a thousand words and making that all important first impression counts, you are here to solve a current issue with your smile hopely without breaking the bank while doing so! We offer patients an affordable implant solution without compromising on the quality of materials. Patients who choose us for their dental implant procedure can rest assured that we only offer leading global implant brands, all of which come with a lifetime guarantee.

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is placed within the jawbone to replace teeth that are already missing or are in need of replacement. Dental implants are made of titanium, as titanium is known to integrate with your natural bone. It is the same material used in knee and hip replacements. Consequently the Implant forms an artificial tooth root that anchors in place a new dental crown. In the case of multiple teeth missing along the same row (three or more teeth) we can attach an implant bridge to the Implants. Since the implant fuses to the jawbone, the end look and feel is completely natural.

The word 'Implant' refers directly to the titanium screw, which is implanted into the jawbone; in addition to this there is the implant abutment (the small attachment that connects the Implant to the Crown) and then of course the Porcelain Crown itself to complete the treatment. We will always provide you a quote that is all inclusive of all costs related to your treatment. Our Implant price includes the cost of the screw, abutment, cap and healing cap, ensuring there are no hidden costs following your arrival.

p.s. You will be informed about the porcelain crown or bridge cost along with the implant cost during your free-online-consultation.


Getting implants screwed in may be slightly more painful compared to dental bridges and the treatment takes longer time and more visits to finish , but , It is attached to the bone in your jaw, that prevents the bone lost on the area of the missing tooth while bridge will look good but wont protect the bone on on the jaw.


1) Panoramic X-Ray and Examination , if needed Dental Tomography :

This step allows dentist to understand the bone density and height , the frame for nerves and sinuses etc. And dentist plans the location of the implants with the help of x-ray and tomography . In our clinic we have Panoramic X-Ray and Tomography mechine which makes planning the treatment handy. And all the x-rays and tomographies taken are on the house.

2) Dentist Examination & Consultation :

Although you will speak to us and we will come up to a treatment plan for you , face to face consultation is a step that we will never skip. After examining the x-ray or tomography and giving an oral examination, we will go over your treatment plan and disscuss if any changes on it are needed.

3) Anesthesia & Sedation :

First step of the treatment your dentist will apply an anesthetic sprey to numb the gum so you won't feel much pain when they are giving you local anesthetic injections. If you would prefer to have IV sedation during your treatment, we can arrange this for you but it will incur an extra cost. We will need one week advanced notice to arrange this with the anestestic doctor. If IV Sedation is required , local anesthesia is applied after patient sleeps.

4) Surgery :

A small procedure to open the gum at implant site, screw placement and gum repair. If bone density is not enough, dentist may apply some bone graft to support the screw. If patient's sinuses are hanged down, sinus lifting may be needed during the operation.

5) Fusing Period :

A period of time that requires the bone to heal tightly around the implant. This may take between 2-6 months depending on the case and type of implant. Dentist will inform you after your surgery.

6) Temporary Teeth :

During fusing period , you may get a temporary teeth , or sometimes your dentist may think its better not to cover the area with temporary . So this is a subject to be discussed with dentist after the surgery is performed.

SECOND VISIT - Permanent Teeth

When the fusing period is over, Its time for you to make the second visit to our city to get your permanent teeth . This should be around another 4-7 days stay .