What is Gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy is basically removal of diseased gum tissue for gingivitis treatment. It is also commonly used to for cosmetic reasons for the patients with a gummy smile.

Why do we get gum diseases?

Bacterias are a bio living forms that all the life on earth depends to. But once they multiply in the mouth and not properly cleaned they will form into plaques on out teeth. If this plaque is not cleaned properly, it will cause inflammations on the gums which will evolve into gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease. When gingivitis get worse, gum tissue will lower and periodontal pockets will occur. That will allow this bacterias to be able to move below the gum. At this point, oral care at home won’t help to get rid of this. Surgical removal of gum tissue will be needed.

Gingivectomy Steps:

  1. Local Anestesia
  2. Soft tissue incision ( here it could be done with a laser or scalpel )
  3. Correcting the contours of gum line
  4. If necessary suturing & surgical dressing


  • We expect pain after the procedure as the anesthesia wears off ( Pain and soreness could last around a week)
  • Painkillers will help with the pain
  • Take your prescribed antibiotics on time
  • Cold compress on the cheeks will ease the pain
  • Next few days you could expect bleeding
  • Eat soft foods until your gums fully recover
  • To keep the area clean from bacterias warm salt-water rinse
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid consuming too much sugar