Gummy Smile Augmentation

What is Gum Conturing/Aesthetic

Gum conturing is a laser cut operation for low or uneven gum levels. Up to 3mm of gum display when smiling is aesthetic. If displaying too much of gum when smiling could also cause self-esteem problems. But it is actually very easy to fix it.

Duration :

One visit and 15-60 minutes session.


  1. Local anestesia (optional )
  2. Lazer incision ( no bleeding , no sutures

Healing period may show changes depending on each person. It is considered as soft tissue wound , but because it is in a humid environment, so when you compare the healing period of a hand cut for instance with your gum laser shaping operation, you should maybe give it a few extra days to have an idea of a approximate timeframe of total healing . We advise eating soft food until your gums heal.

After operation you could use some special products to support healing, such as Gengigel Mouth Wash/ Gel .

Generally people don’t complain about pain after operation. But painkillers could be purchased with or without prescriptions from any pharmacies in Turkey.