Gail - UK

"They went above and beyond to make sure I was treated like a queen"

Treatment Received: Dental Bridges,Porcelain Veneers
I was staying at the Golden Wings hotel in Antalya for 7 nights. I had heard about how amazing the dentistry was in Turkey and desperately wanted beautiful teeth. I had worn 2 plates for a long time. A top plate and a bottom plate and to be honest they were the bain of my life. I enquired at Golden Wings for a good dentist. They recommended this dentist and gave me directions on how to get there. I arrived with NO APPOINTMENT and asked what they could do for me in the 7 days I had in their country.

I was immediately seen to and had an invasive consultation with 3 dentists. They were all AMAZING and non-judgemental. They explained to me my options in the time frame they had. I opted for top teeth, 2 bridge's with 4 teeth on each side and 6 porcelain veneers, the treatment started straight away. I've forgotten to state that the surgery was the cleanest dentist surgery I had ever seen. They did all my drilling for 3 hours then took impressions, they sent me away with instructions to return at 7 pm that night which was out with their working hours. I returned only to be fitted with temporary teeth which looked so much better than the teeth I had rocked up with.

I returned 3 days later for a root canal treatment which was painless then I had a day off and returned again to have my remaining bottom teeth cleaned and polished. They took longer doing that than my UK dentist took doing my whole mouth. I again had a day off and then returned to have my top teeth fitted. I cannot express how beautiful my top teeth looked. I work as a gents barber in Scotland and I was ALWAYS conscious of how my teeth looked when I spoke to my customer's.

I will always be so grateful to Ismail and all the dentists who looked after me who went above and beyond to make sure I was treated like a queen. I will absolutely visit them again to get implants in my bottom jaw when I have the time.

I cannot thank them enough for giving me THE most beautiful natural looking top set of teeth and so so many people, friends and customers have commented on them and that they look so natural. Ismail and the team have changed my life and all for the small price of £1200. I have never done anything like this before but please believe me when I say you will not receive more professional or in-depth treatment anywhere else.

My whole experience was 1st class. Never have I been treated so well in any aspect of dentistry. Certainly never in the UK. The clinic was spotless and the cleanliness was incredible. It started with the shoe covers you were asked to put on BEFORE you entered the clinic and continued throughout my WHOLE experience.