Zakire OzkanHello reader,

Thank you for your interest in me. My name is Zakire Ozkan . I am a linguist that can speak fluent English and Chinese. I was born in Turkey in 1988, did my studies in my hometown Afyon untill university . At the age of nineteen , I moved to Shanghai/China on my own to study Chinese and spent eight years there before I returned to my country. I have bachelors degree in Chinese - English Bilingual Studies from Shanghai International University.

My linguistic skills and love for people has brought me to my position today ,which is to guide people to get treated in my country with affordable costs and with ease.

I chose Antalya as my home because of warm climate and the beauty of the city.

I live with my dog, Jennifer . She is the best thing that have happened to me so far. She gives me joy and strength, and I give her love and food :)

I am sure we will have a lot to talk once we meet, we will learn from each other and become friends. Untill then treat yourself well !